Our giveaway contest is over and our winner has been selected at random–Marti will be receiving the signed, first edition of A New Way to Cook! Congrats Marti. We hope you it comes in useful for the farmer’s market treasures you mentioned in your comment:

“Bring it. Today’s Farmer’s Market basket full of ruby red rhubarb, juicy Michigan strawberries, and a rainbow of chard.  Would love that cookbook to lead me to the newness. Abundance reigns.”                             
Thanks to everyone who left comments; they were a joy to read. Some of our favorites are below. Check back for a new giveaway in the next week or two! And for those of you who are still interested in the book, you can buy the softcover version of A New Way to Cook on Amazon.
“I need a new way to cook. My old way is getting old.”
“I was drawn to your site because my friends tease me about my early substitution skills which mostly has to do with the fact that I would always serve a meal say something like ‘this was meant to be Thai Chicken but I had these prawns and then I didn’t have any coriander… so I … regularly pick a recipe and ‘approximate’ ingredients. But at least now I start with the ingredients in mind and cook from there. Mostly :)”
“When we are creative with food and ingredients, it’s just like creating any artwork…we have a general idea, jump in, learn from our mistakes and adjust until we love what we have.  Then….we move onto the next thing and start over again!”
“Your Essential Chocolate Cake for Improvising was a revelation for me. I made it for a birthday with the last precious bit of gros sel aux herbes de provence. Now it is a family tradition.”


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