After we posted Tom Sach’s wonderful ‘love letter to plywood‘, and mentioned our idea to clad our ancient fridge in plywood, a reader  sent us the results of her hungry search for MORE Tom Sachs. Somewhere along the line she stumbled on Sach’s video COLOR, about the strict paint color code he uses in his studio. But it goes way beyond that subject. It will really make you begin to notice colors – the particular color of the colors all around us.

The whole world as we experience visually comes to us through the mystic reality of color.


If you don’t have time to cycle through white, olive drab, yellow, red and want just a taste, check out blue at 13:15, or  jump ahead to black 18:40, where you’ll find James Brown singing “I’m Black and I’m Proud”, the black fridge, and one of the best illustrations of paint sheen we’ve seen anywhere (Benjamin Moore, take a lesson). It’ll make you want to mess around with some paint, for sure. (Video link here.)

Sach’s black fridge has inspired us to take our old fridge into the realm of plywood, soon.

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