pot hooks as bathroom towel hooks 'the improvised life'
photo: sally schneider

Since we started showing friends around our new space, several remarked on our shower hook solution. While our plan originally was to install hooks to hang towels on the bathroom door as we had in our last space, in reality, we couldn’t bear to hang anything on the beautiful 8-foot high-gloss-painted wood door.  So where could we hang our towels to dry?  Towel bars weren’t an option a) because we find that they take up a lot of space and don’t still dry towels properly and b) we didn’t want to take up so much space in our wonderfully minimalist bathroom. We’d worked hard to make it’s limited space LOOK spacious, and towels-on-walls would just close it in.

Our solution, at first makeshift, now permanent: we hung pot-rack hooks over our shower bar to hang towels on.

pot rack hooks use as bathroom shower hooks 'the improvised life'
photo: sally schneider

When we want to take a shower we just push the towels to the far end of the tub and pull the shower curtain across; the shower spray doesn’t go near them (this probably has to do with variables of shower head height and the height of the shower bar…test to see how it would work in your own bathroom).

pot hooks used as bathroom towel hooks 'the improvised life'
photo: sally schneider

We first tried this idea out using pothooks that were pointed at both ends; they work fine but we were afraid they would gouge holes in our towels. Then we found just-the-right-size (5″) pot hooks at a local kitchen supply store that are sharp on one end and blunt on the other. Perfect.

Ikea also has some great looking 4.25-inch blunt-end, flat hooks called Gruntal that work well as does Amazon Search term: S-hooks. You’ll find many permutations (even red ones) and lengths to improvise with.

Our friend Maureen remarked that our hook idea solved her problem of where to hang extra towels when guests were staying with her.

Our towels dry just fine…

pot hooks as towel hooks 'the improvised life'
photo: sally schneider

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5 replies on “space-saving bathroom towel hook solution: pot hooks

  1. I would never have thought of the pot hook idea, nice. We have a very small bath that I want the towel bars removed from. They get in the way when we enter the shower and frankly just make the room even more claustrophobic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. if anyone is traveling to japan the dollar stores there (all over the country) carry these “s” hooks in many different colors for $1.00!

  3. This is perfect for damp swimsuits, too. Another elegant solution!

  4. Love the look but here in humid Florida–even with AC–they won’t dry. I have trouble getting a small hand towel to dry sometimes and washcloths take a day.

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