The other day walking in a nearby park early one morning, we came upon a line of swings – big kid’s swings –  in a playground. So we thought ‘Why not?‘ and  did what we hadn’t done in many many years: swung HIGH looking at up at trees and sky.

via DVDP

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3 replies on “grownups on swings

  1. Here’s an organization that sounds right up the IL alley: “Swings Tampa Bay is a spontaneous community building organization! We hang hand-made hand-painted Swings all over Tampa Bay on trees, random structures, inside buildings, off of bridges…anywhere and everywhere, really. ..We don’t get permission for all of them and we never really have an exact location picked out. We just find a fun place that speaks to us and go for it!” Read more about them here:

  2. What a fun and inspiring idea for urban planning: swings everywhere. I hadn’t realized what an instant “break” swings provide until I spontaneously sat on one. Thanks for letting us know about this

  3. I just did that with my friends this past weekend! It was exhilarating.

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