photo: antonia LoPresti

Last Fourth of July, Antonia LoPresti sent us an email about the emergency improv she came up with for her daughter Sofia:

After an impromptu dip in the Washington square park fountain, Sofia’s skirt was soaked. A hunt to find a children’s shop yielded no luck SO I took my cardigan sweater out of my bag, buttoned it up and wrapped it around her as a skirt.

It does have a curiously chic Rick Owens-ish look to it. Just for the hell of it, we did a google search to see if we could find any fashionistas who’d tried such daring. It seems that wearing cardigans backwards is as far as things go…

Thanks Antonia!

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3 replies on “reader’s improv: cardigan sweater skirt

  1. My fashion forward cousin has always been quick thinking as long as I can remember…no surprise her impromptu skirt for her daughter was as chic as it was…great job cousin.

  2. Love this. Hooray, Antonia for inventing this. And Sofia, for wearing it so smartly.

  3. no surpass that young SOfia is a fashion diva, given her hyper-stylish parents. brava bella

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