tree roots busting through concrete

Our friend Jody Lotito Levine sent us an email filled with images, some of them really wondrous. With them came this message:

…from my former boss and dear friend recovering from pancreatic cancer: he says his ipad has been so healing and connective – 

We mention it on the heels of our post about disconnecting from electronic devices – and taking downtime from them – to give our selves a rest.  As much as we feel the need for that, we also are heartened daily by what we tap into on the internet, through the extraordinary explorations, exchanges and connections that occur through ‘the improvised life’. For us the gist is, as always, about balance, which is one of the life practices we are constantly learning, improvising, testing out.

Dang Ngo
Dang Ngo*

bus completely covered in crochet


Thanks a million, Jody!

*if you know the source of this image please let us know  photo of monks Dang Ngo

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6 replies on “the healing powers of ipads…laptops…computers…

  1. The third photo is a yarn bombed bus in Mexico City (Photograph: Bournemouth News/Rex Features), the idea first came from Japan if I am not mistaken.

  2. I am so glad you bring us wonderful things each day – I look forward to what you have found and point them out to friends – thank you for the time you spend doing that. And it is also important to have some disconnect time each day. Balance.

  3. See for examples of yarn bombing. The blogger, Stephanie Pearl-McGee, is a knitting guru, author of several books, who writes a wonderful blog about knitting and life. She is often on the faculty of knitting conferences at resorts and inns, and the participants leave yarn bombs all over the place—cute or grotesque little figures, clothing for tree limbs and furniture parts, hats for anything on which a hat can be placed. When the conference is over, Stephanie posts photos of the yarn bombs on her blog. (I highly recommend her blog. Readers here are sure to find that it resonates with them, whether or not they knit.)

  4. Here’s the link for the Buddhist monks in Waterfall photo. The photographer is Dang Ngo.

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