A while after we posted about Laura Handler’s lovely Montana cabin, and after many emails back and forth in which we discovered we lived in the same neighborhood in New York, and many other affinities, we received a package in the mail.  With it came a note: “Just another worlds-colliding-thing from here that I hope that you will enjoy.”

In it, we found a box of Béquet Celtic Sea Salt Caramels. We couldn’t eat just one, because they reminded us so much of caramels we’d had in France, and rarely found here. Caramels need to be freshly made, with a lot of butter and cream, and most packaged caramels – no matter how fabulous the packaging – have been sitting around too long.

Béquet’s are the the real deal. And there is a great story behind their creation, a life-changing event that resulted in  a thriving gourmet caramel business (in Montana, no less):

Robin Béquet has always enjoyed creating fine confections for her friends and family. When her 25 year career in technology sales management and business management ended with the telecom crash of 2001, she saw an opportunity to think seriously about what she wanted to do next. Having great passion for fine confections and having received rave reviews for her homemade caramels, she began thinking about an artisian caramel business.

She was only interested in creating a business if she could be certain that her caramel was the best. Blind taste tests showed 17 out of 18 adults tested preferred Béquet Gourmet Caramel over 4 other high-end, gourmet caramels. At the encouragement of friends and family, Robin launched Béquet Confections in December 2001, near their home in Bozeman, Montana.

We ordered three boxes to give as gifts, though now we’re thinking of holding one back for ourselves. Béquet makes quite a few caramel flavors, but Celtic Sea Salt is our favorite. You can order them here.

(Note: because they weren’t packed properly, 2 of our 3 gift boxes came dented. Béquet was apologetic and is making good on them, but you might give them a heads-up to pack carefully when you order. Or order the bags or caramels, which is a better value.)

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5 replies on “garden of delights: béquet montana caramels

  1. Yeah, have to say, glad to box is et. I had absolutely NO will power against/towards them. People I’ve given them to just love them. REAL caramels!

  2. You always send the right gifts to folks m’dear!!!!
    I will go and have them again when in Boz. I do remember that they were mighty gooooood.

  3. A coworker brought some in from a recent visit to City Brew. The Sea Salt Caramels are now my all-time favorite treat! And made right in my home state of Montana! Thinking of getting them as Christmas gifts for friends and coworkers. YUMMY X 2!

  4. I have been sending them to friends all over the place: the perfect little gift.

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