Sally Schneider's 'Key 3' recipes on Splendid Table
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Over the past few month’s public radio’s The Splendid Table hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper has featured an illuminating series called Key 3: a series of discussions with great cooks (not just professional chefs) about the three recipes or techniques they think everyone should know. In a break from traditional radio, Kasper and her team made videos in the cook’s kitchens so you can get an in-depth lesson – and the thinking behind – their Key 3’s.  So far the stellar line-up includes Daniel Boulud, Lydia Bastianich, Andrea Reusing, Isaac Mizrahi, Andy Ricker and…

Sally Schneider. Just before Sally moved out of her old apartment, Lynne and her team stopped by to film her talking about her Key 3 which will air launches Friday evening. They include Perfect Roast Chicken, Essential Chocolate Cake, and Fragrant Herb Salt. We’ll post the video once it airs, along with the recipes.

But meanwhile, we recommend starting with Daniel Boulud making his fabulous Aioli, a rich Provencal garlic sauce. (Lynne filmed him right before coming to Sally’s and brought some of it with her, so we know for sure it’s swell.)  His easy-to-make aioli is a perfect summer sauce for many reasons:

-summer garlic is fresher and sweeter than winter garlic
– it makes people crazy with delight
– it’s pure Provence
-it will make your guests think you are brilliant cook, although it’s very simple to make
–aioli is delicious on virtually any vegetable – raw, steamed or grilled – as well as fish and shellfish of any kind, and paella. In classic French style, Daniel suggests poached cod, shrimp, crab, steamed clams or mussels, boiled fingerling potatoes, radish, fennel, cauliflower, Romanesco cauliflower, lettuces, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, baby carrots, steamed artichokes, asparagus, wax beans, green beans, grissini, with fleur de sel for sprinkling.

(Video link here.) Recipe here.

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2 replies on “splendid table’s ‘key 3’ recipes from great cooks

  1. Sally, I love your blog. You have introduced me to so many wonderful people and ideas. As far as the Key Three I am two for three: I am wild about your chocolate cake and I have a jar of your Tuscan salt sitting on my kitchen counter. I must add the roast chicken asap. Also the aioli. I love Lynn R Kasper and Maira Kalman and your beautiful new apartment in the treetops. Thank you!

  2. Ditto To Cyndney!
    I want to try that AIOLI ASAP.

    Great to see you talk about food again Sally.

    Dint realize how much I missed it.


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