Boat Bag with an improvised leather (belt) strap

One of the people we miss most since we left our old digs is paper artist extraordinaire Matthew Sporzynski, also known as the Couturier de Carboard. (Check out some of his wonderful paper constructions here.) It seems that whenever we ran into him in the elevator or on the street, we’d learn something illuminating. Matthew is endlessly creative and generous and we’ve posted a number of times about him, especially the spontaneous, and always perfectly-timed gifts he’d leave outside our door: stealth gifting. So we were delighted when emailed this picture of his “boat bag workaround”, where he fashioned a leather belt into an adjustable shoulder strap to allow him to comfortable haul heavy gear in his canvas boat bag:

I was rather pleased with a last-minute improvisation I made last week.  I was going to a photo shoot at 23rd and 5th and needed to carry a big light box (two hands) and a boat bag full of heavy tools and supplies. I literally thought “what would The Improvised Life do?”  I grabbed a belt from my drawer and fashioned a quick shoulder strap through the handles of the boat bag.

It was a little too long over one shoulder, but I put it over my neck/across my chest and it was perfect. No strain on these old hands. I got several spontaneous compliments on the idea. It’s a trick I’m going to be using again and again.

As good as sliced bread!

Matthew Sporzynski paper bread construction
paper bread construction: matthew sporzynski; photo: monica buck

Thanks Matthew!!!


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  2. I don’t wonder. I often find that my big “discoveries” were done ages ago….

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