(Video link here.) We continue to be AMAZED at our readers: at who they are, what they’re making and saying and thinking about. Today we got a note from filmmaker Helen Hood Scheer, who told us about Jump! her award-winning documentary about competitive jump rope. She wrote:

I love your site.  I’ve delighted in your leaping photos for over a year now, and strangely, I didn’t think to send you a link to my… film about competitive jump rope until just now (as I was looking back thru your archive).

JUMP! follows 5 teams of kids as they pursue their dream of becoming world rope skipping champions.  Ultimately, it’s more about collaboration than competition — the jumpers are truly inspiring not only for their athletic prowess, but also for their courage, humor, and kindness.

We love the connection of our ongoing Leap/Jump/Fly theme (see Related Posts, below, for a sampling) and these kids boldly pushing the limits jumping rope: LEAPING at a really young age, which means they are overcoming fear and failure constantly to hone their skills and compete. We were riveted by the trailer and can’t wait to watch the whole film, which you can buy here. It would make a great gift for the kids we know: totally inspiring.


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2 replies on “‘jump!’ (the movie)

  1. this trailer is chock full of so many pearls…i watched it 5 times to catch all of the amazing sound bites that whizzed by the first time…
    –“it hurts to get better”
    –“its good to know you are friends on the outside”
    –“when you share it, you get something back”
    –“you have to be a little different”
    –“nothing else you’ve done until this point matters”
    –“we can teach them and they can teach us”
    –“we want to push the limit and keep trying new things”
    and my personal favorites…
    –“do not make that face”
    –“does it hurt?, are you bleeding?, do you need a tissue?…are you mad?”
    and this is only the trailer! good stuff, really good…even more poignant with the olympics in the background…so many layers and questions and moments…thank you and more.

  2. Jody, thanks SO much for collecting these wonderful quotes. I’d jotted down one and then forgot to include it….it’s lovely to read them all here at once.

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