Since it’s the last week of summer and most folks are off frolicking, and since we’re still not quite up-to-snuff, we’ll be posting once a day (or so) on ‘the improvised life’ through Labor Day.

In addition, you’ll find 5 short, illuminating posts daily on our Facebook page, like this great quote from artist Alina Szapocznikow  (follow the link to read the whole post; her elaboration on it is surprising.)

Look around you. Creation lies just between dreams and daily work.

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We snapped the photo above while by the water in Seattle. If you look closely,you’ll see a dog sitting on the surboard of the young woman stand-up paddle surfing, a great a la minute improvisation.

We’ll be back full-tilt September 4th.

Note: Any Friends With Benefits who feel they haven’t gotten their money’s worth this month, just let us know.

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