This Vancouver house carved out of stumps in the early 1900’s is our idea of swell, the perfect eccentric, elemental, minimalist retreat:

“…3 rooms.The lower stump on right was the kitchen, the lower part of the highter stump on the left was the living room. The bedroom, doorless, was reached by a ladder removed in daytime to the kitchen…”

It reminds us a favorite young adult novel we’ve read a million times: My Side of the Mountain, about a teenager who runs away from home to live in the Catskills. He makes a cozy house out of a huge hemlock stump…

Escapist/survival-fantasy fiction for a long weekend.

via Ouno

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3 replies on “weekend retreat?: a house of giant tree stumps

  1. hi sally! my uncles tom booth and dale cover suggested i follow your blog and it is wonderful! i just wanted to let you know i am here and reading along!

    and of course i love the idea of living in a fairy house in a tree stump 🙂

  2. I always think that “tiny homes: simple shelter” related post is going to be about one of my high school class mates, Jay Shafer. He has been passionate about tiny houses for many years. I think you’d like his web site ( and the video you find when you click on the link that says “See inside my house!” What an incredible joy and an inspiration it is to witness someone doing and living their passion. Enjoy!

  3. Those are SOME GREAT UNCLES!

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