Mikiya Kobayashi's mirrored credenza is a design nightmare

Having installed quite a few mirrors into ‘the improvised life’s’ new laboratory, we’ve witnessed first-hand how quickly they show fingerprints and smudges, along with a streaky glare acquired a week or so after being cleaned. We’ve also been experiencing how much “shows” on or white high gloss doors and walls – and they don’t come close to mirror-like.

So we took one look at Mikiya Kobayashi‘s mirrored Lacus credenza and thought: Are you CRAZY?!!!

While the birch branch knobs are charming, and the idea of having a mirrored face is interesting (possibly creating an illusion of more space), this credenza would be an on-going disaster, rife with the demand to be constantly polished…not what we want to be doing with our time.

What do you think?

Stay-tuned for an upcoming post about high design from a housekeeper’s point-of-view.

via designboom

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3 replies on “annals of bad design: mirrored credenza?

  1. I completely agree. Mirrored furniture has been trending lately and while it is appealling, the required maintenance is not worth it. I hardly buy anything that is difficult to dust, has intricate carving or ledges that might catch anything. I’ve regretted the framed cabinet doors and room doors in my house since I built it! I just can’t seem to get into the corners where those triangles of dust and gunk reside.

  2. agreed, nevermind that it’s low enough for cats and dogs to leave their little calling cards too.

  3. I’m actually refinishing a dresser I’ve had for years and am considering the idea of facing the drawers with mirrors. I love the mirror look. I had a mirrored coffee table for years in my living room. Over the years it survived tiny fingerprints, coloring books, and toys from my two boys and five grandkids. A little glass cleaner is a quick clean compared to my stainless steel kitchen counter island. I would buy the dresser featured in a heartbeat.

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