(Video link here.) This video about the private little games people (especially kids) play in their heads reminded me of one I’ve been playing for years.

When I walk by a really tacky store–say, of clothes or furniture–I look at the display and imagine, if I absolutely had to, how or what would I choose and alter and arrange to make it appear somehow stylish. For example, when I’m in the garment district passing store windows with cheesey nylon evening gowns, I imagine which I would pick if I had to wear it to some occasion, and what would I do to make it work. It’s my own private design challenge.


It’s made for endless hours of secret design fantasy and problem solving while walking around the city.


What private little games do you play in your head?



via Kottke


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3 replies on “‘games we play’ + a design game to play in your head

  1. I promise Sally, I play the EXACT same head game. Love it. Separated at birth. Perhaps we would even choose the same “cheesy nylon” dress from which to improvise!

  2. Interesting–I do that too. Maybe this game is more popular than we think!

  3. (Comment is for this and orange floor)
    I think it helps tremendously to know what you don’t like. It really narrows down the possibilities to, what, only a few million???
    Okay, I don’t like that (color, style, etc.). What would I change to make it a little more likeable or really loveable? For a dress it might be changing buttons or particular folds or darts or fabric. For a chair it could be the color or legs, etc. For me, the hardest thing to picture in my mind is color and pattern so I keep a file of magazine pages of ones I like–or don’t–so I can kind of substitute it in my design.
    One of the things I’ve read is to look in your closet–what you love to wear you’ll love to live in. Not me. I love all greens and browns, esp the forest variety, to wear but don’t want to live in them at all.

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