After our friend Lisa Morphew took a shovel and demolished the wall separating our living room and bedroom of our soon-to-be-renovated space, we sent a photo of the newly-opened room to our friend Tom Fallon, an interior designer whose given us lots of great ideas over the years. He emailed back: It’s great. Why not keep it the way it is?

sheetrock wall demolished with a shovel improvised life

Well, we thought, the idea IS great, but practically speaking, we just wouldn’t be able to do all the things we needed to do in that space. We ended up demolishing the entire wall to open up the room, and finishing the walls in the usual manner i.e. sheetrocking and painting.

Recently, we saw a wonderful iteration of Tom’s idea from designer Faye Toogood who cut a wall between roomsin her studio and left the hole, showing the wooden studs. It’s done artfully to be sure, but has the elemental feel comes across: the inner workings of the wall and building made visible.

via Dezeen

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