Since our every early post Concrete Block Love, about a table base Marcel Breuer had designed of concrete blocks, we’ve posted quite a few posts about concrete blocks and what you can do with them. We LOVE them because they are so mundane with so much potential to be stylish.

The other day we discovered a fantasy concrete block made out of a big Lego mold. By fantasy we mean they aren’t readily available for sale, though the should be (apparently, they are one or two sources online that will custom make them).

They’re stackable (up to a point) and wonderful looking, the perfect combo-platter: concrete block and Lego. Having a good amount of inteior channeling, we imagine they’d be better than common concrete blocks.

Concrete Legos by Andrew Lewicki

Concrete Legos by Andrew Lewicki

via Laughing Squid

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4 replies on “wishful thinking: grownup size concrete legos

  1. These are standard 2×4 building blocks, and the realism doesn’t stop with the shape of them, but carries over into their color as well. Since they are hand-cast at different times, they have different tints in color. When they are incorporated into a build, they will make a unique pattern every time. If that’s not realism, I don’t know what is. I sure would love some real concrete Lego blocks just to try them out. By the look of them, they seem like they would be a lot of fun to play with. As I have said so many times before, Lego is the solution to everything. Period!

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