(Video link here.)  We laughed out loud at Samuel L. Jackson’s new video, an exortation for apathetic Obama supportors to get off their asses and take some action in the election. (It’s a play on his last year’s wildly successful children’s story “Go the Fu*k to Sleep.) It worked; we donated some $$ for a start.

And we figure that whatever side your on, the deeper message is essential: take part in the politics of your nation; it’s your home.

via Good, with thanks to Dese’Rae L. Stage

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3 replies on “samuel l. jackson: “wake the fu*k up!!”

  1. Agreed. Even though I winced when the little girl yelled “the word,” I think it sent a profound and perfect message, particularly to the apathetic.

  2. way to go ,and thank you for the wake up……….
    so so scary

  3. I have to disagree. Civilized people use that word when they are angry and have run out of ideas. They also don’t use that word when speaking to people they respect. What does that say about the Democratic party? What does that say about how they view us and our children?

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