Recently Brain Pickings‘ Maria Popova posted about Hermann Hesse’Bäume: Betrachtungen und Gedichte [Trees: Reflections and Poems] (public library; it’s not available on Amazon). To us, the best part of the post was Popova’s own words used to introduce Hesse’s:

I woke up this morning to discover a tiny birch tree rising amidst my city quasi-garden, having overcome unthinkable odds to float its seed over heaps of concrete and glass, and begin a life in a meager oasis of soil. And I thought, my god*, what a miracle. What magic. What a reminder that life does not await permission to be lived.

You can read Brainpicking’s full post – and Hesse’s words – here.

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2 replies on “maria popova + hermann hesse on what trees teach us

  1. what a beautiful quote. and so true

  2. The one line I remember from the movie, Jurassic Park,is :”Life will find a way.”

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