use binder clips to display memorabilia and ephemera
photo: boots beulah

Some time ago, when we posted about uses we had improvised for binder clips, we got a rash of reader responses telling their improvisations with the ubiquitous tool that just keeps on providing solutions to life’s little problems. Check out Treehugger‘s recent 16 Clever Uses for Binder Clips (we love ’em in Steel). Here are our favorites:

Store horizontal bottles securely in the refrigerator

store horizontal bottles in the fridge
photo: flickr/muteboy

…Make industrial-chic wine charms (these Black and White Binder Clips would be cool)

use binder clips to make industrial chic wine charms
photo: flickr/nikchick

…Make a smartphone stand

use binder clips to make a smartphone stand
photo: flickr/rich sipe

…Fasten together a fabulous storage unit

use binder clips to fasten together a storage unit
photo: flickr/robgiampietro

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One thought on “16 REALLY clever uses for binder clips

  1. Great ideas–I’m a big fan of binder clips! To paraphrase Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, “I love finding new places to use binder clips.” (She was talking about diamonds, but ya gotta work with what you have.)

    I recently had a dress length winter coat altered into a car coat. When I was trying out lengths, I found that the tweed fabric was way too heavy to pin, so I grabbed a couple of giant binder clips instead.

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