books with covers torn off stacked as decorative element

When we first saw this stack of books-stripped-bare of their covers to reveal neutral color and graphic texture, we thought: what a cool material for doing all sorts of things. Stack em to make stools, displays and ad hoc tables, or supports for low shelves. Books as bricks. Then we wondered: Could we really justify dismantling books in such a way?

Well yeah, maybe. There are all sorts of books that we’d feel justified in taking the covers off: falling apart ones, water-damaged ones, cheap ones, and especially fat catalogues. We tried it with the huge Outwater Hardware catalogue and found it made a lovely “brick” (we might glue a neutral top page on to the printed one).

…though for sure, old sewn hardbacks make the most beautiful bricks.

via Vosgesparis

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2 replies on “naked and defiled: book bricks as decorating element?

  1. “Could we really justify dismantling books in such a way?” you ask. Absolutely. I work at a library and we are getting rid of copious amounts of hardcover books mainly because the information they contain is no longer relevant, such as technology related and medical books. They are sent to the recycling bin.

  2. Yaye, Dorothy Parker, thanks for this great info. Now we can recycle books into bricks with a clear conscience.

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