It appears that our Daily Email may not have been reaching ‘improvised life’s’ subscribers since we started posting yesterday. Please shoot us an email and let us know if you’ve received it or not.  If not, we really apologize. We’ll work hard to get the problem with our email service fixed.

In the meantime, please come directly to the ‘the improvised life’ to read posts. We appreciate your bearing with us during this time of technological mayhem.

Thanks — The Management

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14 replies on “please let us know if you are receiving your daily email

  1. yes, it does seem emails have stopped coming from you…I would like to be reinstated, thanks

  2. sure enough, we were dropped. please put us back on.

  3. No one’s been “dropped”. It’s a glitch with the service that delivers emails. We’re working hard to get to the bottom of it. Really sorry. In the meantime, please check into the site.

  4. I am not receiving your emails. They are not in my spam folder, they are just not being received. Please put me back on the list. Thank you.
    Jan Kawamura-Kay

  5. Also not received any e mails from you! Miss them/you!

  6. Yes I have stopped receiving your emails. At first I thought you were on a nice break and would restart and I have just ben going to your website but do love waking up to seeing that I have received an email from you. It really kicks off my day. thank you.cassandra greene

  7. I am actually relieved to see that others have experienced the same as I have regarding emails from you….I thought I was the only one with receipt issues! Hopefully it can be resolved soon.

  8. Hey guys! I just noticed that I hadn’t received any emails from you guys in the last few days. So I came to your sight and saw this here. Yep, I’m not getting the emails. Thanks for putting this up!!
    Thanks for sorting it out as well. Your emails are something I look forward to each day! I’m taking the year to write and your thoughts and postings are so inspiring! Thanks guys!

  9. Actiually, I was just wondering where my inspiring daily emails were. No, I didn’t get anything this week until today.

  10. We JUST got it fixed. Whew! Expect a load of back-logged emails….

  11. Yes, I received it today.

  12. I’ve been out of the country, and am only catching up on posts now. A quick scan showed that I stopped receiving the Improvised Life after 10/13. So…

    I did however get this email. Go figure.


  13. Now receiving. Thanks! Look forward to it each day……gets my mind going!

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