Georgia O’Keefe’s studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico
photo: o’keeffe country

We recently stumbled on Flavorwire’s tour of 10 famous artist’s studios, a welcome break from cleaned-up interiors pictures that are everywhere. These spaces are interesting because they’re fluid, unconcerned with conventional notions of stylishness, yet uniquely beautiful in surprising ways. Often they reveal important elements of the work process —  like taping a nap, resting or hanging out  — as indicated by the lounge chair in Georgia O’Keefe’s studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico, Alexander Calder’s living room of a home studio in France…

Alexander Calder’s home studio in Paris, France
photo: pedro guerrero

…and the adirondack chair in Mark Rothko’s studio in East Hampton, New York…

Mark Rothko's studio in East Hampton, New York
photo: crashingly beautiful

Some we love because they are the liberatingly messy spaces of people driven to create; they reveal an order all their own…like Louise Bourgeois’ home studio in Chelsea, New York…

Louise Bourgeois’s home studio in Chelsea, New York

…and Pablo Picasso’s atelier in Cannes, France…

Pablo Picasso's atelier in Cannes, France
photo: 7 das artes

via Flavorwire
photos courtesy O’Keeffe Country, Pedro Guerrero, Dominique Nabokov, Crashingly Beautiful, 7 das Artes

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