striped wall-to-wall-carpeting

We have a strange aversion to wall-to-wall carpeting, finding it monotonous, one dimensional and claustral. But when we saw this clever carpeting made of stripey colors, we though, yeah we might could live with that.

Then we saw these stipes made out of floor tiles and realized the striped thing could be done with lots of materials, transforming them from something ordinary to something ELSE.

striped floor made of tiles

And it might make for more affordable flooring solutions, since stripes and patterns can be forged from remnants and odd lots….

Via Desire to Inspire

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4 replies on “wall-to-wall carpet solution: stripe it! (tiles too)

  1. what is claustal? i tried looking it up but couldn’t find it…

  2. Darn, I left out an ‘r’. No wonder you couldn’t find it. I’m terribly sorry. The word is ‘claustral’ and basically means ‘confinig’ or ‘enclosed’ sort of claustrophobic.

  3. In college in the early ’70s, that was what everyone did in the dorm rooms. We used what then were carpet samples–about a large placemat size–and taped them together underneath with carpet tape When 1 got something spilled on it, we just replaced it with something else. Other than that, it was design-less with shag (lots) and berber and anything else available all mixed together. Very 60s-ish.

  4. I was wondering that colorful carpet looks weird in home but now I come to know that how it looks like.. it really looks great and it is giving a bright look to the interiors.

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