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In response to our Dangerous Paths post, graphic designer and illustrator Susan Dworski sent us wonderful email:

Several years ago I illustrated an 18th century Japanese saying using watercolors and rubber stamps made from hand carved, Staedtler Mars Erasers.

The message reverberates across time.

The message not only reverberates BIG TIME, but so does the idea of carving erasers to make rubber stamps. Brilliant! We found a good visual how-to at Wedgienet:

Seems easy, though practice definitely makes perfect…

Thanks Susan!

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3 replies on “reader’s improv: rubber-stamps from carved erasers

  1. Any idea where those lovely carving tools came from? I am lusting after them and all I can get in the wilds of WNC is those cheap ones we have all used forever.

  2. Hi, Improvised Life! Thanks for linking to my eraser stamps 🙂 I got my carving tools locally in the Philippines but they should also be available in Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or Jo-ann’s there in the US. I was in the West Coast earlier this year and I picked up some carving tools and rubber blocks for carving at those shops 🙂

    Will be posting an in-depth eraser stamp carving tutorial on my blog soon 🙂

  3. THANK YOU! Your tutorial was really well done. Am glad to hear where you got your tools. I’m gonna keep an eye out for when your do your next post on eraser stamps. Good luck with it!

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