Orange Howell

We are smitten by the ornaments Orange Howell is making by hand-casting various macaroni shapes and gold-or-silverplating them. We took one look and thought: We want to wear them as jewelry, especially that Penne Rigate ornament:

Orange Howell's macaroni ornament and jewelry

What a SWELL dual-purpose gift that would make.

Then we saw that Orange Howell DOES have a line of Macaroni Jewelry.

Great minds…!

Orange Howell's macaroni ornaments + jewelry

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6 replies on “orange howell’s macaroni ornaments (we’d wear ’em)

  1. They are even more fantastic in person!!

  2. What original gifts for my favorite foodies! And there are enough variations to give each one something different..

  3. I love Orange Howell pasta: ornaments! Jewelry! Delicious on concept and in realization. Memories of simple (or complex) good food! And smiles. Pasta in all its forms makes me smile. Thanks Orange Howell!

  4. Such a lovely & unique gift!!!

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