We found this to be a swell sign unto itself…

Then when we looked into it, it turns out to be part of a marketing campaign the CocoCola Company did around its soda OK Cola. Trying to market to Gen X and Y markets, Coke Cola tried to create “a counter-intuitive advertising” campaign that intentionally targeted people who did not like advertising. The campaign, and the soda, failed after a year (apparently the flavor of the soda itself was pretty bad) though its unique and varied can design and advertising have since gained something of a cult following.So this image has even more meaning for us: a failed attempt at something new and possibly interesting, done by a huge company that is successful even though it’s had other major failures (New Coke). They TRIED something.

As Samuel Beckett said:

Samuel Becket quote "Fail Better"

Even if you fail, you’re still OK!

ok cola can

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