A few weeks ago, after Susan Dworski mentioned that she carved stamps out of erasers, we started thinking about all the things you could do with home-made stamps. Why not stamp a pattern on sheets or rolls of paper to make your own fab holiday wrapping paper? (It’s easy, you just get yourself some Staedtler Mars Erasers and start carving, with whatever tools you have…dip in paint and stamp away — check out our how-to here).

Then we remembered some wonderful gift wrap our friend Holton Rower made with his kids one Christmas. He made his stamps out of potatoes.

…a simple potato stick makes rectangles that stamp a fine graphic design:

photo: maria robledo
photo: maria robledo

…crescent shaped slices make a nice slash….

potato stamped gift wrap
photo: maria robledo

…possibilities are infinite…

potato printed gift wrap
photo: maria robledo

We found a great how-to at Henry Happened. Dig these cool moderne spots:

Potato Stamp Gift Wrap spots

Here’s another pretty eraser stamp design:


If you’ve got some fabric paint around, you can use your stamps to pattern fabric for some swell project: a scarf maybe, napkins, a pillow, a sofa, perhaps…

top photo via artisancraft.devantart.com; bottom photo via daisyyellow.squarespace.com   

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One thought on “diy stamped gift wrap (from erasers + potatoes)

  1. Many vegetables can be used as stamps: cabbage (1/2 ot 1/4), celery (cut crosswise just up from the base), etc. They are used best if completely dry before stamping. If you want to stamp fabric that will be washed you need to use fabric paint or put an additive to acrylic to make it washable. If it won’t be washed, acrylic is fine.

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