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Although we’ve definitely disengaged from the holiday gift buying mania, we DO love the pleasure of giving gifts. Our favorite solution, do-able even at the very last minute, are charity donations. You can give money to a charity like the Robin Hood Foundation or Doctors Without Borders and then send out e-cards in your loved one’s names.

Our new favorite iteration: give a gift card that allows the giftee to give to the charity of his/her choice. At Tis Best, you can give real cards or e-cards, and best yet: you can design your own card online. We’ve made two this year: one with a pattern of Maira Kalman Stars, and one with Rockwell Kent‘s angel.

We find our family and friends always delighted to receive a charitable gift donation as we all try to figure out how to give in a bigger, more meaningful way.

Charity Gift Card R Kent

Then, of course, there’s giving an always-welcome gift card to a store where your giftee can buy something they really want (Amazon gift card makes offers a huge array items to please just about everyone).

And it’s still not too late to make some homemade food gifts to give, our chocolates being an easy to make favorite.

(The way we figure it, gifts don’t HAVE to be given a certain day, they can come all through the holiday season, or after, of whenever the time is right.

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