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4 replies on “‘ode to joy’ (wishing you joy starting right now!)

  1. thank you for sharing this pearl!!!
    this was exactly my this year “christmas greetings email” which I sent to ALL of my friends.
    I found it – somehow – time ago and it became my “balm” for difficult moments.

    wish you a very peaceful and joyous christmas.


  2. This brought tears. I am a classical musician and this is what it should be and almost never is.

    Look at those kids!


  3. Awesome!

    I am a great follower of your blog, and it is amazing to read in a USA based blog something i had not seen from a town 20km away from home.

    Keep it up, i’ll try to push out more comments
    Cheers from Barcelona

  4. Hey Bernat in Barcelona. You’re living in one of my favorite cities: lucky you! I’ve spent many wonderful hours in the markets there. Thanks for writing.

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