Improvised Life’s LABORATORY is a space where we experiment with all sorts of ideas for home and daily living.

It’s transformation from homely, vin ordinaire apartment to a clean-lined loft-like space has been a lesson in seeing through the surface to the bones beneath, and envisioning possibilities. It started with a renovation and carried over into problem-solving many details that make a space that really supports the way we live. The primary mandate: to marry a limited budget with good design.

In the Laboratory, you’ll find lessons and information about demolition and drywall, lighting and flooring, found materials used in interesting ways, as well as the challenges and mindset of being your own designer, to creating unique and compelling solutions for home and workspace.

Click on our ever-growing roster of posts for what we did, and what we’re up to:

introducing ‘the improvised life’s new ‘laboratory’
sneak peek: improvised life’s new space + our cool optical illusion design solution
project + reno lesson: embrace the unexpected……… things won’t go as planned
makeshift solutions via a spool of red twine
instant chic lighting: the lunette shade
chic, minimalist gorilla tape cabinet door pulls
‘love letter to plywood’ from tom sachs (and us)
nina’s tool bucket: essentials for doing-it-yourself
stylish toilet roll holder out of rocks
…24 hours after ‘all hell broke loose’
home planners and other ways to envision a space
desktop (+floor +wall) inspirations from unlikely sources
the secret beauty of a tyvek shower curtain
space-saving bathroom towel hook solution: pot hooks
the d-i-y perfect soap dish: a sponge
harlem lab renovation: ‘before’ photos
harlem reno: first hang out in the raw space and dream
reno planning: bust holes in walls to find out what’s there!
reno 101: how to find an affordable architectural plan-maker

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