(Video link here.) One of the very best things in the New York Times’ recent The Lives They Lived was a clip from Terry Gross’ last interview with Maurice Sendak;  Chrisopher Niemann’ found and illustrated it. It is full of achingly tender, wise words from the 80-year-old Sendak:

There’s something I’m finding out as I’m aging — that I am in love with the world…I look right now, as we speak together, out my window in my studio, and I see my trees, my beautiful, beautiful maples that are hundreds of years old. And you see I can see how beautiful they are. I can take time to see how beautiful they are.

Our friend Maureen Rolla turned his words into a New Year’s blessing:

With homage to Maurice, I hope you will have time to…
– Enjoy the trees outside your window
– Write, draw, or make something artful
– Remember your friends, living and dead
– Most of all, “Live your life. Live your life. Live your life.
Sendak was some kind of wise man. Here are some excerpts from other of Terry Gross’ interviews over the years, and here’s another lovely few minutes here: (Video link here.)

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