balancing bread photo by nacho alegre
photo: nacho alegre

Omar Sosa and Ana Dominguez of Apartamento magazine, with photographer Nacho Alegre, created a series of still-lifes with balancing bread. They’re beautiful, though I’m a little doubtful they are just balanced breads, no pins or stuts anywhere. To my former food-stylist’s eye, they seem, well….

…possibly faked, though it would be fun to get a bunch of breads and try. Nevertheless, they’re a charming reminder that balancing things —

balancing bread photo by nacho alegre
photo: nacho alegre

—stones, rocks, blocks of wood, cards, OURSELVES — is a great stress-relieving practice (Video link here.)

photo: mike pd/via flickr CC

This pack of cool, moderne balancing blocks would be nice to have around, and would make a swell gift.

colorful balancing blocks made by areaware


via Nacho Alegre; With thanks to Carol Beck for alerting us to the video

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One thought on “stress relief: balance breads (+ stones + blocks)

  1. delightful, i love balance thats almost impossible.
    Especially organic matter.

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