Robert Frost at Tree Lecturn

When we started on our obsessive tree riff, hauling home huge logs to make into “furniture“, Pamela Hovland mentioned that Robert Frost spoke standing at lectern made of a giant tree. We’ve GOT TO SEE THAT, we wrote, and Pamela kindly went to the library to scan the image.

And of course, that sent us looking for more examples of tree trunk lecterns and stands. To our surprise, we found this tree trunk bench by Droog.

Er, that is: for $23,000 Droog supplies 3 cast-bronze chair backs with a drill bit so you can to afix them to a tree trunk that you supply.

tree trunk bench Droog

Do we need to spend $23,000 to achieve this effect?

We’ll take the idea, and a haiku instead:

A gate made all of twigs
with woven grass
for hinges…
for a lock…this snail.



Thanks a million, Pamela!

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One thought on “robert frost’s tree lectern + a $23,000 trunk bench

  1. The $23000 chair backs don’t look particularly comfortable either. I made a kitchen bench seat by collecting, powder-coating and then bolting 3 tractor seats to an existing bench. I stole and adapted the idea from a bench seat I saw at a replica early settlers’ village in southern Queensland. They had made comfortable outdoor seating by attaching a dozen brightly painted cast-iron tractor seats to a long rough-hewn wooden bench, to spectacular effect. My seats are all red, of course, and because tractor seats are designed to be sat in for long hours…they fit your seat like a glove.

    Ps. Love your website! Mr Qwerty and I are both hooked!

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