chopped dowel tables by designer yuval tal
At Design Milk, we came across these cool, full-of-possibilities “Chopped” tables by designer Yuval Tal. They’re made of packs of wooden towels strapped together with a metal ring — no screws or glue needed. We were mulling where to get metal strapping and how to get it tight enough to hold the dowels securely in place, and we found the answer at Uline, one of our favorite online resources for weirdly compelling and really useful industrial stuff. You can buy stainless steel strapping and seals that you tighten with and a tool called a tensioner. Uline offers have a great instructional pdf that gave us the gist.

instructions for how to use a tensioner tool

No doubt we’d have to fool around with it and waste a bunch of the metal strapping before we got it right. But just KNOWING that it is available made us see those tables differently. Itgave us access and understanding of their essential workings and made us think of many other iterations, with wood dowels, or tree limbs, copper pipe, even cardboard tubs that we could make into…furniture.

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