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We’ve been reading Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale and stumbled on this amazing bit. No need to know the background.  It rings big bells right on it’s own…

We’ve enjoyed this fatso novel immensely (except that it’s so heavy). Another favorite chunk is a list of dishes that are part of a rather crazed housekeeper’s repertoire:

…durbo cheese stuffed with trefoil, camminog, meat of the vibola, roast bandribrolog seeds, satcha oil hotcakes, young Dollie chicken in Sauce Donald, giant broom berries, creme de la berkish tollick, serbine of vellit, pickled teetingle, chocolate wall hermans, aminule, vanilla lens arrows, fertile beaties, archbestial bloodwurst, Turkish calendar cake, fried berlac chippings, cocktail of ballroom pig, vellum cream cake, undercurrents, crisp of tough boxer lamb, sugared action terries, merry rubint nuts, and rasta blood-chicken with sauce Arnold.”

It’s curious that we can imagine all these dishes just from how they sound. We’d give anything for the recipes…

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3 replies on “‘if you won’t take a chance…’ (winter’s tale)

  1. About those chocolate wall hermans… I’m thinking you’ve already discovered this recipe, Sally. They would taste exactly like those over-the-wall Chocolate Wonder cookies in your Improvisational Cook…made with a touch of orange or bergamot peel. Yes; preheating the oven now.

  2. HA HA. Thanks. I think you are right. I’ve already discovered the recipe.

  3. Absolutely the best book! But stick with the heavy print volume – the Amazon / / Kindle version was so filled with typos, I could never figure out which was a typo or if it was the author’s intention.

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