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In response to our recent post mentioning the hilarious David Sedaris pickpocket story, ever-improvisational Susan Dworski sent us this email:
I recently undertook a Sedaris readathon and plowed through all his books in one fell swoop. 
To avoid the usual, well-thumbed celebrity-smut at my manicure salon, I introduced the notion of reading several Sedaris stories aloud to Amber, my young manicurist, while she whittles and sands. The whole salon falls silent in rapt attention, and everyone falls down laughing (or weeping) as the stories build to their irreverent and often melancholy climaxes.
In truth, this is secretly self-serving, for I learn a huge amount about timing, dialogue,  and structure from the process.


How nice to think of reading to your manicurist. And how amazing that it became, spontaneously,  live storytelling at a salon, everyone listening in!
We highly recommend checking out Sedaris’ books; he’s a tonic. Check ’em out here.
Thanks a million, Susan!
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2 replies on “nail salon anti-boredom strategy: read out loud!

  1. This is so wonderful! I adore Sedaris and have read everything he’s written, too. I also buy a ticket to hear him read and tell jokes every year at UCLA — it’s a wonderful experience to be rocking with laughter with over 2,000 other people!

  2. Yes! I heart David Sedaris, and I love that Ms. Dworski read him to her manicurist to share the hilarity. I’ve been wanting to re-read his memoirs, too. I don’t think I’ve snorted out lout quite as much as when I read “Me Talk Pretty One Day.” Thanks for sharing!

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