home made valentine's day card

We love the possibilities inherent in the great valentine DIY we found at Mineco Co UK, made of woven paper. All you need is an exactto knife and straight edge and some nice paper. Mineco’s site tells how-to, but there’s lots of room for improvising (were thinking cut up photographs, magazines, ribbon…)

home made valentine's day card how-to

We’re wondering why valentines cards and gifts have to be given ONLY on Valentine’s day. Why not make a little love gift randomly…unexpectedly, like Maria Robledo’s wonderfully improvised “notes” left around the house.?

If you’re stuck for last-minute Valentine ideas, here’s a pile, including some easy-to-make chocolates:

diy valentine card + life philosophy from fluxus
last-minute valentine’s cards and gifts
lemon-scented olive oil (recipe + gift idea = valentine)
non-valentine’s day valentines
non-romantic d-i-y email valentines

via swissmiss

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