sometimes good enough is fabulous

A friend of a friend who happens to be a therapist made this very wise statement in reference to his very long and loving marriage. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve come to find this philosophy both liberating and enabling of a great deal of joy.

It was perhaps the biggest lesson our perfectionist-selves learned during last year’s renovation of ‘the improvised life’s Laboratory. In the heat of the fray, with a huge to-do list and limited budget, we found ourselves letting go of a lot of our notions of was “right” or “supposed to be” and made peace with the solutions at hand…which, in fact, have proven to be just SWELL. Some of the details may be a bit “off”, but we got the most important parts of what we wanted: a lovely luminous space that is a pleasure to be in.  And that allowed us to not get hung up agonizing over what was wrong, but to revel in what is right…and move on to other things we really wanted to put our attention on.

“Sometimes ‘good enough’ is fabulous.”  We’d never heard it put quite so perfectly.

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