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Desire to Inspire recently posted a reader’s mid century-style renovation. The kitchen’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures were not side-by-side and we found ourselves moving the cursor up and down to really understand the clever transformation.  Ahh, we get it: Beth, who’d masterminded the kitchen’s update, thought carefully about what REALLY needed to be taken out of the  kitchen, and what could be revamped a bit to give it a new look.

She replaced the upper cabinets with sleek white modern ones, and replaced the doors on the far left cabinet to match them. She left the lower cornball-paneled oak cabinets in place, painting them a dark black/blue/gray and changing the hardware to make them virtually disappear. (These uniquitous cabinets are the bane of many a homeowner. It’s heartening to know that it is possible to shift their look.) Beth also replaced the counter and backsplash wall and, it seems, left the sink in place, swapping out the faucet to give it more modern look.

She saved a pile of money doing this and got and a great looking, functional kitchen to boot. A girl after our own heart: we used similar principles in the new Laboratory’s kitchen. Story to come soon.

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  1. The idea you have shared with us is wonderful. I really appreciate your cabinet with the sleek white modern look.

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