enrique oliveira
enrique oliveira

Henrique Oliveira uses old plywood, fencing recycled from dumpsters and landfills from his home city, São Paulo, shaped around PVC forms.

Henrique’s breakthrough occurred when he was a student at the University of São Paulo, where for two years the view from his studio window was a wooden construction fence. Over time Oliveira began to see the deterioration of the wood and its separation into multiple layers and colors. One week before the final student show opened, the construction was finished and the worn out plywood fence was discarded. Oliveira collected the wood and used it in his first installation

More of his powerful work here.

via The Wondrous, with thanks for Michael Warren of Mike and Molly’s House

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One thought on “tree sculpture by enrique oliveira (what plywood can be)

  1. It’s not only about the work itself, but how the instalation is conceived.
    My favourite detail is the part where the tree enters the ceiling.

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