When we saw this image featured under Bedrooms on a design blog, we instantly thought: what a great solution for jazzing up a place, like the drab walls of a rental studio a friend is struggling to make into a home, however temporary. We started looking into services that make wall murals, imagining cool images from ourarchive wrought BIG.

First we came across Murals Your Way, a service will make any high-resolution image you have into a 6-x-4-foot mural on canvas, fabric-backed vinyl or a repositionable material. If you planned it right, you could forge a really huge mural by seaming together smaller panels. Murals Your Way’s faq gives a sense of what’s possible, and there are A LOT of possibilities.

Then when we were hunting around for the photo credit for the bedroom image, above, we discovered that the mural came from Pixers, a company that sells bespoke wall murals printed on vinyl or repositionable material. They have thousands of images, allowing you to decorate your walls with scenes of Paris, geometric colors, or a rainforest…


There are a number of ways to afixing your mural to the wall, from permanent wall-paper-style treatments, to impermant solutions like grommets to free hang your mural or adhering them to portable wood panels. We’re wondering about putting a mural on the ceiling, or using one to cover our homely fridge.

When we began to imagine a wall mural, first we remembered the wonderful muraled bath at  The Villa Noailles, an early modernist house, now an arts center, in southeastern France, built by architect Robert Mallet-Stevens.

Olivier Amsellem
Olivier Amsellem

Then suddenly Hiroshi Sugimoto‘s work popped into our head…

Hiroshi Sugimoto
Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto
Hiroshi Sugimoto

His serene feeling would be our inspiration.

What would you put on your wall?

via Vosges Paris

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One thought on “custom or ready-made wall murals to transform your space

  1. Susan Dworski wrote to tell of us a recent New York Times articles about how green views (even in a mural) can change your life:

    Good news for green. Last year German researchers found that just glancing at
    shades of green can boost creativity and motivation. We associate verdant colors
    with food-bearing vegetation — hues that promise nourishment. Window views of
    can speed patient recovery in hospitals, aid learning in classrooms and spur
    productivity in the workplace
    .” (Why We Love Beautiful Things, by Lance Hosey,
    NYTimes, 2/17/13)

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