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According to  motivation scientist Heidi Grant Halvorson at at 99U  “Making if-then plans to tackle your current projects, or reach your goals, is probably – without exaggerating – the most effective single thing you can do to ensure your success.”

Yikes! Sign us up! What do we have to do?

If-Then thinking works like this: You decide in advance when and where you will take specific actions to reach your goal and then create the statement: If X happens, then I will do Y. 

“IF THIS” becomes the trigger that spurs the “THEN THAT” action.

One of Halvorson’s examples is a study that looked at people who had the goal of becoming regular exercisers. Half the participants were asked to plan where and when they would exercise each week: “IF it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, THEN I will hit the gym for an hour before work.” Months later, 91% of if-then planners were still exercising regularly, compared to only 39% of non-planners, pretty spectacular results.

By starting each morning making if-thens to tackle the day’s challenges you apparantly encode messages on your brain that keep you on track, because our brains like contingency thinking.

H-m-m-m. We’re trying to figure out how to apply IF-THEN planning to the many goals we have for ‘the improvised life’. We’re not finding it easy…we tend to go with the flow (perhaps a bit too much) and get to where we’re going in a zig-zag path…but not as much as Zen Habit’s intersting philosophy of Achieving WITHOUT Goals…

Actually, now that we think of it, that IF-THEN thinking seems to be seeping into our thinking. We HAVE been exercising more….

Stay-tuned or let us know your experiences with IF-THEN thinking.
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