We are big fans of outdoor rooms—outdoor spaces defined in such a way as to make them feel like rooms in plein air— and have featured a number of them over the years. (One of our favorites is the lovely outdoor “room” that Constantino Nivola created on his Long Island property.) We were smitten when we saw this outdoor pavilion designed by pedro&juana, on show in the gardens of Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura, Mexico City. It references traditional terra cotta flower pots and vases used in the former garden of architect Luis Barragán (situated next door). Bright yellow and green tops made of MDF are randomly placed on some of the vases to offer tiered seating.

Although the terra-cotta forms were custom-made for the installation, we couldn’t help but imagine some sort of hack of flower pots, a meld of two to mimic the form, and thus take the idea as inspiration for our own outdoor space.

It doesn’t have to be terra cotta. This galvanized Huson pot from Ikea has  possibilities…

Ikea huson-plant-pot

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One thought on “an outdoor room made of flower pots

  1. Ah, now i get it, from the first picture it looked a bit like a conspirational flower meeting : )
    good idea . i am trying to make the backyard flower pot arrangement look more like a garden .. maybe with the help of passion flower & melon plants .
    The flower pots would make good impro guest chairs .. a little painting on it..,well !

    happy May ,

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