(Video link here.)  Marina Abramovic The Artist is Present is a stunning documentary portrait of artist Marina Abramovic. She explores themes we are always mulling: pushing one’s limits, the nature of will power AND being truly present in one’s life. Here we get to see them in action as Abramovic weaves them through her art and life.

The title of the film comes from her 2010 MOMA retrospecctive: whenever a visitor entered the museum, she was present. Six days a week, 7½ hours a day for 90 days, Abramovic sat without eating, drinking or moving from her position as a series of museum visitors lined up to sit opposite her, one by one, for often incredibly moving, wordless interactions. Six days a week, 7 1/2 hours a day being present…

It is extremely difficult to be like a mountain, to create stillness in the middle of hell.

We can’t recommend the film highly enough. Abramovic is a role model!

The hardest thing is to do something which is close to nothing because it is demanding all of you.

Abramovic Artist is presnet

Marina Abramovic The Artist is Present is available at Amazon, or possibly on HBO on demand.


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