Stumbling on this wonderful image of sculptural black-painted chairs on a wall of the La Gran Francia Hotel in Granada, Nicaragua got us thinking about ways to store un-folding chairs. This assemblage is a more playful, freeform take on the Shaker-esque practice of hanging uniform chairs on hooks (below).

Then, moving too fast as we scanned Remodelista, we mistook Williamsburg’s (and now San Francisco’s) store The Future Perfect as someone’s HOME, and thought, how cool is that: line up interesting chairs, and even a bench or two on a shelf, like a display of sculptures.

Sarah Lonsdale/Remodelista
Sarah Lonsdale/Remodelista
It’s along the same lines of storing a bicycle on a shelf.  And dig the wonderful detail: shelves that are longer than the wall they are hung on.


We also love this little stool stored on the wall:
Sarah Lonsdale/Remodelista
Sarah Lonsdale/Remodelista
…a play on this:



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One thought on “how to to store extra chairs + stools, on walls + shelves

  1. You didn’t say HOW you hung the chairs! What hardware did you use?

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