Maria Robledo
Maria Robledo

We’ve just discovered photographer Maria’s Robledo’s crazy-beautiful Instagram, a trove of images that will make you SEE the everyday differently and put you right in the moment. Only Maria could have come up with this simple, curiously moving arrangements of pussy willow blossoms (which people usually just throw away once they’ve been knocked off their stem). The image shouts SPRING. It seems the perfect accompaniment to this 4-line gem of a poem by Su Tung-p’o written over a thousand years ago:

Pear blossoms pale white, willows deep green —
when willow fluff scatters, falling blossoms will fill the town.
Snowy boughs by the eastern palisade set me pondering —
in a lifetime how many springs do we see?

Pear Blossoms by the Eastern Palisade is from one of our favorite books, Selected Poems of Su Tung-P’o. It and Maria’s images are both about seeing the NOW.

Maria Robledo
Maria Robledo

Check out more of Maria’s Instagrams here.

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  1. thank you sally for being the observer that you are,Maria

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