To give his quadriplegic friend, Pascale Honore, the experience of surfing, Ty Swan, rigged a simple Kmart backpack (with leg holes cut out) to be a harness with which he could carry Pascale. Then he strapped her onto his back with duct tape. The video, pure gumption, valor and generosity, had us in tears.

Said Swan:

We were just sitting around one night having a few beers when I thought, `yeah, I reckon I could surf with Pascale on my back’. 

Everyone said we were crazy. Even the loosest people I know said we were crazy.

It’s one of the coolest uses of duct tape we’ve seen.

Jesse R Cass
Jesse R Cass

Here’s to the CRAZY ONES!!!!


via Swiss Miss, via Laughing Squid; photo by Jesse R Cas

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2 replies on “Paraplegic Woman Duct Tape Surfing on a Friend’s Back

  1. wow. as ever, thanks Sally for keeping me inspired and awed. xx

  2. Awesome. I’m going to share this with my readers, many of whom are in the disability world and will love it.

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