Play in the highest form of research Einstein

BACK!!   Thank you for bearing with ‘improvised life’ while I took time off to…

sleep late




sit on the terrace and LOOK

read a bunch of books including Edward de Bono’s brilliant Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step and Jane Gardam’s lovely Last Friends

design a bookcases with a hidden “berth” foldout bed

research hidden beds to spur possibilities

plant my terrace with ornamental grasses

dig the glorious painting a friend gave me

feed that friend

talk to the smart, tough Greek woman who owns the garden center under the elevated tracks on Park Avenue to hear the REAL story of what’s going on in Greece, and what East Harlem was like when she was a girl

sit in the Central Park Conservatory feeling like I was in Paris

watch a Chinese man doing Chi Gong under a pine tree

count blessings

watch back-to-back episodes of Scandal and House of Cards

mull ‘improvised life’s redesign and next steps

dream, then write down the dreams and ponder them

take care

forage in the farmer’s market

laugh like crazy at Old Hats

see an old friend or two


all completely unplanned, without a schedule or deadline,  for two weeks.


Einstein is right. “Play IS the highest form of research”. And nourishment.

In some mysterious way, “doing nothing” became doing a lot.


Now: glad to be back!

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2 replies on “play is the highest form of research (a. einstein)

  1. Sounds wonderful .
    Maybe i have got something more to peruse for you , the cook book ( -and beyond ) ‘ Jerusalem ‘ by Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi
    and i just had another look at Do / Improvise by Robert Poynton , the first pages are inspirational, too.
    Welcome back &
    pleasant flow


    /what do you mean ‘bearing with’, i’ll send a note if i ever get through your whole archive ! and then the f’book page gave new inspiration as well .Thankyouthankyouthankyou seems more appropriate here !
    I’ll send you a mind-holiday-on-demand for whenever you need it : )

  2. Wonderful—honoring your deepest self…..

    No schedule is nirvana.

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