(Video link here.) Reader Carol McDonell sent us this email:

‘Elk Grass* is a collaboration by Peter Van Leeuwen, a life long creative musician and co-owner of Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, and Awesome and Modest. His haunting piece exemplifies The Improvised Life vision to me . . . 

It does indeed, in a curiously comforting way.

To accompany this cool little 2 1/2 minute movie, we WISH we could give a virtual taste of Van Leeuwen’s ice cream which Carol says are ‘locally-sourced, organic, rich, true and original’ (sold via East Coast Whole Foods and vintage butter-colored trucks dotted over Downtown and Brooklyn selling). We’d go for the Earl Grey Tea, Currents and Cream, Salted Caramel with Buffalo Trace Bourbon…

We’re inspired to by the mash-up of Van leeuwen’s creative work: music and ice cream!
Long gone, long gone are my old cowboy dreams.
Through the cobwebs, dead and broken, they gently swing
But there’s that sweet grass, it’s dancin in the high bluffs in the sea breeze
It’s where the elk sleep, dreamin simple dreams of luscious green grass and peace.
So go find your elk trail and follow it up, up up
To your elk nest to lay your head down, down, down
Where you dream your elk dreams, to be a bull with a thick black mane
A dangerous rack and a bugle, that finds it’s way
To her perfect, listening ears
To her perfect listening ears….
Listening ears

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