chairs made from colorful concrete beams
photo: lars-petter pettersen

Spotted at ROLU wonderful-looking though perhaps- not-so-comfortable chairs. We wouldn’t care, so in love are we with just looking at concrete and the lines of this chair.

We’ve heard you can mold concrete in styrofoam boxes. We imagine molding a bunch of rectangles to build this chair…but then, how to afix them?

This is a good example of many of our mind-inventions and imaginings…an idea moves forward until it is stymied by lack of information.

Then, we start hunting for the answer…invariably, it comes.

Then we decide if we REALLY want to make it happen.

Sometimes, we’re happy just to have made something in our head.

Sometimes, we trip over ANOTHER idea in our searches, like Makezine’s how-to for making concrete planters.

sean michael ragan
sean michael ragan

Do-able. Now we’ll be on the lookout for styrofoam forms with a moderne shape…which may take us back

…to the rectangles we started with…

photo courtesy: Lars-Petter Pettersen

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One thought on “more concrete love: concrete beam chairs…and planters

  1. There’s an easy method of making concrete-like outdoor pieces that I believe are much less weighty but have the same visual effect. Have no idea whether it would translate. See if I can find a site. . . Hypertufa–just Google it.

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